Cannonball Crusades

Turn your living room or backyard into the seas of the Caribbean with this fun cannonball practice activity! 

There are a million different ways to set this activity up, but whatever way you choose, your children will love it! (Plus, they will be getting gross motor practice with hand-eye coordination, throwing & dodging! 🏆 ) 



  • Two “boats” made of:

    • Couch Cushions

    • Big cardboard boxes/appliance boxes

    • Laundry Baskets

  • Cannonballs:

    • Rolled up socks

    • Soft Balls

    • Stuffed Animals

Set Sail

Get those creative juices flowing and invite your child to create and decorate his or her own boat.
If you are using cardboard boxes you can have your child decorate their boat with markers, stickers, paints- Go wild. 
With good old-fashioned couch cushions and pillows, create a few boats and islands.
Grab a stick or pole and make a sail or flag to stick in the boat.

The more ships, the merrier. With this activity, you’ll have opportunities to enhance your child’s gross motor skills, and the more targets the better!


Collect soft balls and rolled up socks, and let them fly!

There are a few goals you can work toward on this

  • Have them try to throw their cannonballs into the other ships while they are also trying to dodge other pirate’s throws into their own ship.
  • You could even just have each couch cushion be a ship or an island and make the rules that the “cannonball” has to land on the cushion and stick.

This activity will keep your kids entertained all while helping them develop gross motor skills.

And the nice thing is that you can choose what works best for your family and change or modify the playing field or rules for what you want it to be.

Heck, we all know that’s what Pirates did!

Extend Your Play!