Hatching Dinosaur Eggs

How would you try to hatch a dinosaur egg? These dinosaurs will need your help to emerge from their frozen shells!



Dinosaur Toys



Paint Brush

Would You Sit on 20 Eggs for Half of a Year?

Scientists don’t know exactly what life was like for the dinosaurs, but they believe that when a dinosaur laid its eggs, it would lay up to 20 at a time! Can you imagine having 20 brothers and sisters?

Because dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, its very rare to find a dinosaur egg fossil to study. Scientists believe that dinosaur eggs were up to 2 feet long, and that they took up to 6 months to hatch!

Protect Your Eggs and Help Your Dino Hatch!

Make some dinosaur eggs of your own, then help them hatch!

1. Put your dinosaur toy into a balloon, and fill the balloon up with water. Try to remove all the air before tying the balloon. Hang your balloons in the freezer to get a good egg shape!

2. When your dinosaur eggs are completely frozen, remove the balloon. Let your child explore different ways to “hatch” the dinosaur. Can you cut open the egg? Can you crack it like a chicken egg? 

(Dinosaur eggs were much thicker than chicken eggs because they needed to last for 6 months before the dinosaur was ready to hatch!)

3. Get a bowl or mug of warm water and a paintbrush. Let your child melt the frozen egg away until the dinosaur has hatched! 

4. You’ve done it! You’re the proud parent of a tiny, baby dinosaur! Take your dinosaur baby to your new sensory bin and let it meet its dinosaur family. Maybe it will make a nest of its own!

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