Magnetic Sensory Bin

Soon you'll see just how ATTRACTIVE magnets can be!



Yellow magnetic wand

Magnetic objects

Blocks/non-magnetic objects

Did You Know?

Magnetism is an invisible force!

Some materials are built in a special way – all their electrons spin in the same direction, creating a North Pole and a South Pole. These poles attract certain other materials to them, and make them stick together!

The Earth is a Giant Magnet

The earth is made of iron (a metal!) that spins and creates a magnetic field. We have a North Pole and a South Pole (named because of their magnetic properties!) The earth’s magnet helps compasses work, and helps birds and other migrating animals navigate their journeys. It also keeps us safe from too much radiation from the sun 🌞!

Start Here

Start your sensory experience by having your child bury their metal objects under the sand. Scatter the objects around the bin and bury them completely under the sand, hiding them from your child’s view.

Watch the Exploration!

Your child can then grab the magnetic wand and start digging in the sand to find their hidden objects!


One fun way to extend this activity is to give your hide the magnetic objects and play a “Battleship” type game where you and your child take turns poking the magnet wand into the sand. Anything that comes up on the magnet on your turn is a point for you! Who can find the most magnets?


What other magnetic items can you find in your home? Take your magnet wand for a spin in your yard and in your home. Are there any things you thought would be magnetic but aren’t? Were you surprised by any magnetic items you found?