This kaleidoscope gives your child the opportunity to create something from practically nothing: It is made of supplies you already have laying around your home, and with a little work and creativity, you’ll have a functioning kaleidoscope in no time! This STEM challenge is such a delight. Our kids can never get enough of their kaleidoscopes after completing this craft. They’re a favorite! Scroll to the bottom of this page to build your kaleidoscope WITH ME, or read step by step instructions below.


(All of these supplies are included in your Canny Pack!)

Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Tube

Cellophane or clear plastic circles to match the diameter of your tube


Aluminum Foil

Small translucent and sparkly items

Rubber Bands and or Tape

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. The first step in creating your kaleidoscope is to create a chamber for your small sparkly items to shake around. We created this by cutting a strip of cardboard tubing and inserting it into one end of the tube, then sealing the rest of the tube off with a clear plastic circle. The clear plastic circle should fit snugly in your tube, creating a small area for the sequins and beads to rest.

2. Once your plastic and cardboard rings are in place, fill up the end of your kaleidoscope with the beads and sequins.

3. To seal off your chamber, grab your larger plastic circle (with slits along the edges). Bend down the slits at a 90 degree angle so that it becomes a cap to cover the end of your kaleidoscope. Now, you can choose to use either tape or cellophane & rubber band to secure this cap into place. Either way works- you’ll experience a unique kaleidoscope at the end with each!

4. Next, you’ll take your shiny cardboard and bend it into a triangle. This should fit snugly into your kaleidoscope. As you fit it into your kaleidoscope, it will help to secure your plastic chamber at the opposite end. It should end perfectly flush with the end of your tube.

5. You Kaleidoscope is almost done! Your last step is to seal off the end. We chose to do this with black duct tape, as a way to keep our eye’s focus at the colorful end of the tube. At this point, remove your black tape from the cardboard revealing the plastic circle that seals off your kaleidoscope.

6. Hooray!!! You’ve done it! Decorate the outside of your kaleidoscope and, voila! You’ve got something to show your parents, siblings, or friends. Congratulations on another successful Canny Project.

Learn and build alongside me HERE with this video you can follow in real time.