Make Your Own Construction Site

Hone those fine-motor skills, be creative, and most importantly HAVE FUN!


Masking Tape

Construction Vehicles

Wooden Blocks

Construction Materials from around your home or yard (We went on a “Nature Walk” and collected fallen twigs and rocks)

Why We Love This Activity

1.Your child gets his or her OWN roll of masking tape. Watch your child’s face light up when you explain that this tape isย all for them!ย There is something special about the sense of ownership over something typically a “grown-up only” object.

2. This is an AWESOME fine motor skill builder. Scratching, peeling, ripping, sticking are all new and fun skills for your little one to practice. Parents or older siblings will likely want to help build the general outline of the construction site and roads, but beyond that, let your child’s imagination run wild. My 5 year old made this wrecking ball. Genius.


3. Open-ended play. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ There is no end to this activity. It’s never “over” or “finished.” Your child can continue to use and evolve this project over days and weeks! They are the experts of their own construction site experience. Sit and play alongside them. Listen to the way they think and the way they are interpreting their world. It’s pure magic

Keep Going

Here’s how we extended our activity:

  • Build your wooden blocks up and make a wrecking ball (with tape & a rock) to knock it down
  • Have your construction vehicles transport materials down the road from one place to another
  • What can you build with your blocks, rocks, and sticks? We built towers, a fire pit, teepees, houses, a and playground, just to name a few
  • Red light, Green light with our vehicles traveling down the road
  • “Repaired” our vehicles by adding tape and other materials
  • Writing letters and words on the ground with tape

Did You Know?