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Construction Canny Pack


Test drive the Canny Pack with our Construction Pack.

The Construction Canny Pack is everything you need to build a sensory bin, learn about gravity, magnets, and basic physics as well as make your child-sized construction site. Games include counting, measuring, and building with blocks. See all the activities you can play here: https://cannykids.com/category/canny-packs/hands-on-construction/

Canny Packs are delivered to your door once a month designed to capture your child’s imagination and attention through the Canny 5. The Canny 5 are five distinct activities included in each box that cover the 5 key milestones for growing children. The Canny 5 are Motor, Sensory, Art, Music, and STEM.

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Construction Canny Pack

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Canny Packs take the favorite games and lessons from Canny Kids centers and ships them to your house every month. These activities are designed for children between the ages of 2-10 and scale with kids as they grow.

Activities include how-go guides with photos and instructions on our blog.

Boxes are shipped via USPS and arrive with everything you need to complete the activities. You won’t need to add anything to the supplies, but you may find household items complement the experiments.