Get the MOST out of your Sensory Bin!

Sensory Bins are one of our favorite forms of play because they foster new learning and development through play. They benefit language development, problem solving, and fine motor skills all while your child is LOVING IT!

Are sensory bins out of your comfort zone? Well, not for long! Check out the Canny Team’s foolproof tips to creating an out-of-this-world sensory experience!


Large, Wide Opening Tray

Sensory Base with a unique touch sensation 

Loose Parts

Cups, Spoons, Tweezers, or other tools

Set Up Sensory Bin Boundaries

One of the most daunting things for may parents about a sensory bin is the potential for a mess. Before you present a new sensory experience for your child, remind them of our sensory bin guides

1. Keep all the parts in the bin
2. Our Bin is ”Touch” only (not for our mouths!)

Sensory Bin etiquette will take time for any child to learn and master. Be patient but consistent with your guidelines, and your child will learn!

Create Sensory Bin Opportunities

The beauty of a sensory bin is that your child determines how they play with it and they use their creativity! In order to facilitate learning, provide opportunities for them to learn a skill. Here are some of our favorite ways to do this:

1. Themed Loose Parts Encourage your child to play and learn on a specific theme, like oceans, unicorns, or dinosaurs. Imaginative play happens easily with themed items that motivate your child.
2. Thoughtful Tools Put tools in your sensory bin that encourage action. Tweezers encourage your child to practice fine motor skills by picking up and transporting items. Bowls, jars, funnels, and scoops encourage hand-eye coordination, pouring, and measuring
3. Educational Loose Parts Encourage learning based on your child’s needs. Gather small, medium, and large items and encourage a compare and contrast experience. Gather items in a variety of colors to encourage color sorting. Hide letter blocks under your sensory base for a letter identification activity. Gather building materials to encourage a STEM building challenge.

There are so many ways to engage with a sensory bin and your child will quickly become the expert on creating his or her own new ways to play! Open-ended play like this will foster your child’s creativity and imagination, and it provides them with an opportunity to direct the play in whatever direction they need.  Because of this, it will never get old. Your sensory bin will last time and time again. Happy Exploring.