Underwater Chalk Art

This fine-motor-filled art project turns out BEAUTIFULLY, and introduces a new art technique that can be used over and over again!



  • Wide, Shallow dish

  • Water

  • Chalk

    (Canny Packs include a special vibrant chalk that does not wash off sidewalks or surfaces easily)
  • Paper

    (We used watercolor paper)
  • Popsicle stick

  • Fish stickers

    **Optional: Crayons (see instructions at bottom)**

Every good art project is one-of-a-kind!

We love art that encourages exploration and a joy in creation (as well as a final product your child can be excited about). This is the perfect art technique because the results are not only stunning, but the process is engaging, and each creation has a unique look

Scrape, Dip, Reveal!

1. Pour a thin layer of water into your dish, then scrape your chalk with a popsicle stick to float small particles of chalk on top of the water.

(Hate squeaky chalk? 🙋🏾‍♀️ 

The trick here is all in the angle of the popsicle stick. With a deeper angle (closer to parallel) you should avoid any chalk squeaking. )

2. Once you have the desired colors floating on top of your water, dip your paper flat into the water. Get it totally immersed, then quickly remove it.

3. Reveal your art, lay it flat to dry, and pat yourself on the back while you wait! (You did a great job, artist!)

We especially LOVE the look of this ripped edge- look at how the chalk color absorbed along that part! 

4. Once your papers have dried, use those fine motor pinchers to add your wildlife stickers onto your art. 

Display your art,  turn it into a note or card for a friend, or make a backdrop for your sensory bin. 



You can continue this project over and over again with some optional additional techniques:

**Add in some Crayon Resistance Art!**
Try coloring a coral reef, animals, or bubbles on your paper with crayon before dipping it into your chalk water. Because the oil in your crayon won’t mix with water, the designs drawn on your paper will appear magically and create designs on your paper!


Can’t wait to see what you make! Share your adventures with us on instagram @canny.packs

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