What is subscription babysitting?

Subscription babysitting an on-demand childcare service. Instead of asking around your network to invite someone into your home, you can bring your kids to Canny Kids whenever you need child care. You can schedule your spot ahead of time or drop in without an appointment. While you are away, your child will participate in a small peer group playing games and learning interactive lessons. Once you have finished your errand, come back and pick up your child.

Who is it for?

Canny Kids is designed to be the flexible solution that fills the gap between a full-time daycare and asking a friend to watch your child. Instead of searching for babysitting on the nights or weekends, you can check into your local subscription babysitting center. 

You may already be using a childcare provider, do you need a subscription babysitter? One factor in deciding might be your schedule. If you regularly need care outside of the standard workday, you should consider joining Canny Kids. 

“One of my least favorite things to do is ask around for a babysitter. I make 5+ calls to find someone then cross my fingers that their schedule doesn’t change!”

Do kids like Canny?

Kids love Canny Kids. Their time will be filled with fun activities like art, dancing, music, and games. The curriculum at Canny Kids is designed for children to be able to come and go without getting left out of the conversation.

You child will also enjoy playing with the other children at the center. It is a highly social, interactive experience. The group of kids at the center is constantly changing, so they will make friends from all over the city.


  • Instead of searching for a babysitter, you can drop your child off at a subscription babysitting center
  • Relax knowing that your child is under the care of a professional in a clean and safe environment.
  • Canny Kids is a brand new facility located in Draper, Utah