(adj) gentle, kind, clever

At Canny, your kids get real-life opportunities to engage in social interactions, problem-solve, and explore their intrapersonal strengths.


It’s important for kids to understand their feelings and emotions. Canny staff is trained to effectively help children develop a healthy self-concept and emotional intelligence.


Kids with strong social skills are ready to take on the world. We provide social activities for each child to practice meaningful interactions with their peers.


Our daily curriculum is cognitively engaging for each age of children in our care. We’ve carefully designed play activities where children can learn in real-life situations.

Our Mission

Canny Kids is here to help parents take better care of themselves and their families by providing a safe space to drop off children.

Our Center

Our center is clean and modern, the ideal environment to foster creativity. The focal point of the facility is our playhouse, complete with kitchen, dining table, dress ups, and workbench. 
Our infant area is built to host up to 8 children at a time. There’s a soft play area, cribs, and sensory toys to engage their growing minds. 
The big room is where most of our crafts and group activities happen. We have arts and crafts, dancing and music, building blocks, plus food and snacks. We also have nap pads to use during our quiet time. 

Get started

Canny Kids was created to help parents get the childcare they need when they need it.