Care When You Need It

Canny Kids is currently accepting appointments for children form newborn to 11 years old.

What is Subscription Babysitting?

Stop searching for a babysitter! Canny Kids is subscription babysitting. We aren’t a daycare and we don’t come to your house. But, we have a state licensed facility run by highly-trained instructors. Your child can come play with us for a few hours at a time. You only pay for the time they are in the center.  

Designed to fill the gap between a full-time daycare and hourly babysitters, Canny was created to offer the flexible schedule that parents need. Our doors are open early in the morning until late at night so you can drop the kids off as need!

Throughout the day, children are led through social activities, art, music, dancing, and playtime. 

Child care when you need it

Sounds great! How do we get started?

  1. Set up your profile
  2. Schedule your stay
  3. Store your payment method on file when you arrive
  4. Sign intake documentation
  5. Bring any supplies your child may need.

How to Schedule Care

Stop scrambling! Instead of searching for a new sitter, simply contact Canny Kids. Here are the ways to set an appointment: We have a limited number of spaces each day, so we recommend booking ahead to ensure we have space! You can make an appointment up to 2 weeks in advance. Camps are a great way to book recurring visits.

Quality care without compromise

Our center is designed to offer exceptional childcare during short stays. Our pricing is usage-based. Only pay for what you use. Prices are calculated based on the length of your appointment. 

The Canny Difference

Canny Instructors make a world of difference. Our instructors specialize in fostering a fun, creative environments for our guest.

Canny Care Newsletter

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Get updates on our schedule, special offers, and our monthly Parent Nights. 

Ages and classes


3-24 months


2-5 years


6-11 years

Our classes vary depending on who comes to visit each day. We have 3 classrooms and we break into groups depending on ages and interests.

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