#1 Download the KidCheck app
Step-by-step instructions are listed on this page.
#2 Create your profile on KidCheck
Include all children, guardians, and designated pickups. 
#3 Review memberships and pricing before your first visit
Memberships can be selected and paid for when you arrive. This does not need to be done ahead of time. 
#4 Download and complete the Canny Health Assessment and Medication Administration Form before arrival.
We will have paper copies in the center if you need them.
#5 Schedule a tour or your first visit (optional)
Tours last 10 minutes and are available on Tuesdays and Thursday  at 6pm. Text +1 (801) 890-0650 for scheduling.

1 – Download the KidCheck App
We use KidCheck to securely check children in and out of our center. While you can use the desktop site, we recommend using the mobile app to create your account. You can find it on the Apple App Store or Google Play. 


2 – Createyour profile
To create your account, the minimum information required is a phone number and email address. Search for “Canny” in the Where will you use KidCheck? box to connect with us.
You will then be prompted to add your name and additional contact info. Before creating your password, you will have the option to require a pin at check-in. This is an optional feature that adds another security touchpoint to your account.
You are required to upload a photo. Please use a clear photo to aid in a faster check in and check out process. Each photo will be reviewed before being added to your account. 
3 – Add your family
Under the Kids section, you will be able to add members of your family. Each child must have a clear photo before being checked into Canny Kids. These pictures must be reviewed by the Canny staff. 
Additionally, you will be able to add guardians and other designated caretakers. Only people listed in your account will be able to pick up your child. 
We offer single hour pricing or discounts with monthly memberships. You can see more on our pricing page. Please create your account before coming for your first visit, then our staff with collect payment on your first visit. You don’t need to add your payment method within the app. 
If you decide to adjust your subscription, simply notify a staff member 3 days before your renewal. View our Pricing Page.
Canny Kids has a limited number of spaces and we regularly reach our capacity. To guarantee your spot, please schedule an appointment. We recommend 2-3 days in advance on weekdays and 4-5 days on weekends.
Since we have to turn parents away once we are at capacity, we ask parents to cancel any unneeded reservations at least 3 hours ahead of your appointment. Cancellations fees will be charged if no notice is given.
View our scheduling page.