This Parent Handbook has all you need to know about Canny policies, procedures, and rules. Please review this  to prepare for your first visit to our center. Can’t wait to see you soon!

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Canny Kids is licensed as an “hourly child care center” we are unable to care for children on a recurring schedule, and require each appointment to be scheduled separately. We ask for your compliance with this regulation as you plan and schedule how you’ll use our services.

We are licensed and monitored by the Bureau of Child Development, a part of the Utah Department of Health (UDOH). We strictly adhere to the rules and regulations they have outlined to assure your child’s safety during their stay with us.


Mon       9 am – 6 pm
Tue        9 am – 6 pm
Wed       9 am – 6 pm
Thu        9 am – 6 pm
Fri          9 am – 8 pm
Sat           closed
Sun          closed

No subscription or membership is required when visiting Canny Kids!
We do offer a VIP membership; the benefits of this membership are that you get our lowest hourly care rate, VIP members are also eligible for our “Happy Hour” discount which is 20% off 2-6 P.M. Mondays – Thursdays. It is only $10 per month for your whole family, 



Appointment Cancelations

Notice Given
12 hours prior to scheduled start time
No fee
Less than 12 hours prior to scheduled start time
Cost of first hour
No notice given (abandoned appointment)
Cost of entire visit

After Hours Pickup

10 minutes after center closing
11+ minutes after center closing
$4 per minute

Diapers & Clothing

Loaner pants (refunded when returned)
Loaner shirt (refunded when returned)

We take the health and safety of our staff and children seriously. If your child is displaying symptoms of any sickness, we may ask you to come and pick them up. If you believe your child is sick, please cancel your appointment. Cancellation fees do not apply to any sickness related cancellation if it is an occasional occurrence.  

We ask all children to treat themselves and others with respect. We do not allow fighting of any kind. If repeated behavioral issues occur, we may ask parents to take a break from coming to Canny Kids until behavior is remedied. 

We follow the Department of Child Care Licensing regulations on the number of children we can have in our facility at one time. This is dependent on our facility size, as well as how many child care providers are present in the center at any given time. Because of this, we may or may not be able to accommodate your child when you come in. Please feel free to call or text before you bring your children to ensure we will be able to care for them.

Infants & Toddlers


We maintain a 4:1 ratio of adults to infants. Due to lower capacity, we recommend scheduling your infant visits in advance. 

This group is designated for children aged 0-23 months

Preschool +

The state-mandated ratio for 2-11 year-olds is 12:1. Our center has 3 class areas to accommodate these groups.  

Preschool + includes children aged 2-11 years old. 

We hire some top notch people at Canny Kids. Each staff member is CPR and First Aid trained, and each staff member receives a comprehensive background check and fingerprinting before working in our center. The Utah Department of Health has strict guidelines on training for all childcare providers, which we are in compliance with.

We ask that parents schedule visits in advance since we regularly fill up. 

All families are able to schedule child care in advance. Visit “Rates and Memberships” to see advance booking details. You can schedule a reservation in the following ways:

Please remember that we are licensed as an “hourly child care center” this means that we provide child care on an as needed basis, we do not provide meals (we do provide snacks), and you must reserve your spot in advance to ensure we have the space and maintain state regulated ratios. 


Diapers & Wipes

Please bring diapers for your child's stay (one per hour)

We also have disposable diapers on hand for purchase ($1 per diaper)

Our facility is not currently set up to accommodate cloth diapers.

Extra Clothes

Please send your child with a change of clothes, just in case.

Sometimes with kids, things get messy!

Meal (optional)

If your child has specific dietary needs, or will be with us over their meal time, you may provide a labeled, nut-free meal for them.

Canny Kids provides snacks every 2 hours, but no formal meals.

When you arrive, you may choose a cubby in the front lobby to store your children’s personal items (shoes, bag of clothes and diapers). Please have your child’s personal belongings labeled. We ask you to leave toys, electronics, and other personal items at home.

We use a check-in software called KidCheck. Families will set up a KidCheck account by downloading the KidCheck app (recommended), or on KidCheck.com, including the following:

  • a profile for any child that will be cared for at Canny Kids (please let us know about any allergies or special needs)
  • approved and unapproved guardians for pick-up. For the safety of your child, we will require a photo ID that matches the name and photo you have approved as a pick-up guardian for your child
  • please upload pictures to your Kidcheck account. This will help the security of the check-in and check-out process.

Once your account is set up, Check-in and Check-out is a breeze. All you’ll need is to share your phone number with the staff member at the front desk, and Voila! Your kids are checked in.

For the safety of the children in our care, parents and guardians will only be allowed in the lobby of our facility. Once parents have had a chance to place their child’s personal items in a cubby and complete check-in, the child will be allowed through a locked gate by a faculty member.  To help both the parent and child feel more comfortable on their first visit, parents will be allowed to briefly tour the center with their child and a child care provider. In accordance with child care licensing regulations, any individual aged 12 or older must have completed a comprehensive background check before being allowed in the main area of our facility.

At Canny, snacks are provided to children every 2 hours and are always included free with your child care. We are a nut-free facility and have dairy-free options available for children at each snack break.

We are licensed with the Health Department to serve only pre-packaged, pre-portioned foods. If your child will be at Canny Kids during a mealtime, we recommend sending a meal labeled with his or her name. Please remember that for the safety of all children in our care, we are a nut-free facility.















We know that your kids are the most important part of your life, so we’ve got 4 live video feeds of our center available for you, so you can see what your child is up to at all times. Access to these feeds will be password protected, changed daily. By bringing your child to our facility, you acknowledge and accept that your child will be on the webcam videos

Occasionally, we may take photos of activities and children in our center to share with you (their registered guardian) or to promote some of the fun activities we have planned. On our general waiver, there is a “photo release” section, where you can indicate whether or not you would like your child photographed. Photos may be used on social media with your permission only. You can follow along on our accounts to see what is happening in our center.