Astronaut Training Course

Astronauts are trained to stay calm and capable in all situations. NASA’s astronauts complete a physical test before they are considered for astronaut training. To keep our bodies healthy and strong, we can practice new skills and be ready for whatever comes our way!

Can you Complete the Challenge?

10 Balance Beats

Find something to balance on.   Can you count all the way to 10 as you stay balanced and walk?

8 Gravity Lifts

Start by standing flat on your feet. Lift up onto your tippy toes as if you’re as light as you’d be on the moon!

1 Tunnel Crawl

Can you crawl through a tunnel without touching the top?

4 Toe Touches

Reach for the stars, then bend down and touch your toes!

10 Jumping Jacks

Jump in and out 10 times!

This activity will keep your kids entertained all while helping them develop gross motor skills.

And the nice thing is that you can edit and add what works best for your family!

Additional Gross Motor Ideas:
-Find a “sun” and be planets orbiting it! Did you know that planets spin in circles as they go around the moon! Try not to get too dizzy!
-Be a Rocket! Squat down to “fire up your engines” and BLAST OFF through the atmosphere! 
-Slow-motion Jumping! On the moon, your body feels much lighter than it feels on earth because the moon’s gravitational pull is much smaller than earth’s. When you jump on the moon, it looks like you’re going in slow motion! Watch these astronauts jump on the moon, and try to copy their movements! 

Have fun, Astronauts!