Color-Match Hammering Set

Finally, something your kids can get rough with!


Cardboard Box

Wooden Hammer

Orange and Yellow Dot Stickers

Orange and Yellow Golf Tees

Hammer Time! (but this time, you CAN touch this!)

1. Grab your box and have your child tape it shut

2. Your child will place yellow and orange dot stickers along the top (hello, fine motor practice!!)

3. Match the yellow “nails” (golf tees) with the yellow sticker, and hammer them in!

(Teach your child the safe way to start their nails- Older kids can practice holding the nail and tapping gently with the hammer to get it started. Younger children may choose to push the nail in a big to start, and even younger toddlers may need a parent to help poke the nail in to begin)

4. Your child can hammer their nails all the day through! Remove your golf tees and hammer them in again. Flip your box over, and when your box is used up, see if your child can hammer them into the grass! (Hello, free lawn aeration!)