Ocean Sensory Bin


  • Bowl or bin for a container
  • Blue aquarium rocks
  • Toy sharks
  • Seashells
  • Blue gemstones
  • Aquarium greenery
  • Fish net
  • Plastic fishbowl with lid 


Search for Pearls

Help Ms Clam find her pearls. Place the pearls around the sensory bin and use the tweezers to return them to their home inside the clam. 

Clean up the Ocean

Add some items from your home that do NOT belong in the ocean. Use your tweezers and net to clean out your ocean bin. Make a goal to always put trash in a garbage can. 

Make Your Own Aquarium

Use your fish bowl jar to make the perfect aquarium for your sea creatures! What is the same and what is different between a fish tank and the ocean? 

Add your squishy animals to the jar. Fill up the remainder of the jar with water and let it soak for 48 hours. Watch the sear creatures grow! 

at home aquarium