Space Sensory Bin


  • Black water beads
  • (or) Black shipping paper
  • Glow in the dark Stars
  • 8 Planets (bouncy balls)
  • 2 Astronauts
  • Space shuttle
  • Glow Sticks


Outer Place

Assemble your sensory ingredients inside a bin to create a dark base. Add in your astronauts, planets, space shuttle, and any other space toys you might have at home. Have the astronauts discover new planets and name them! 

Black Hole

Turn your sensory bin into a glow in the dark sensory experience by adding glow sticks and turning off the lights. Add ice cubes to bin to simulate the cold temperatures found in space.

More Ideas

Use this as a chance to talk about day and night, light and dark, and the 4 seasons. Explain how the moon orbits earth all the time but we only see it at night. Browse videos of space, starting with this recent shuttle launch